An experienced team of institutional grade traders and client service professionals.

Noor FX is a carefully selected team of professionals that offer a broad spectrum of skills. Every member of our organization is chosen with the intention of improving client experience.

The ability to generate a profitable return is the most significant consideration for most clients, however, what’s equally important, in our view, is the team that supports those clients, 24hrs per day 365 days per year.

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Our diligent teamwork using three core principles:

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Meet The Team

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The first of our core principles, Profitability, requires us to recruit the most talented and seasoned traders possible. All 4 of our head traders have a vast amount of experience managing significant sums of capital. They’re adept at providing superior, risk-adjusted returns over the long term and have the resilience to manage occasionally unpredictable market movements.
*for Data Protection reasons we have replaced the images of our traders with generic ones.

Jay Marshall – Hong Kong – (Gold Account Principal Trader)

Jay is a 39-year-old professional trader and money manager from initially from Canada. Jay has been trading professionally since 2004 across multiple asset classes and has extensive experience in a variety of financial markets and trading methods.

He has held positions in various investment firms across Canada including HMW Capital & Lambridge Capital Partners. He has been with Noor FX since 2013.

Jay is a member of the Canadian Securities Institute. Additionally, he has been involved in the development of numerous trading courses and mentorship programs over the years and is a prolific strategy back-tester and market data analyst.

David Hall- Hong Kong (Principal Trader Gold PLUS/CBD Fund)

David Hall has been with Noor FX since 2015.

David is currently the Head Trader overlooking the Gold PLUS account & CBD/Marijuana Fund. Prior to his current role, David was with Credit Suisse for 14 years in various positions, including Co-Head of Currency Trading, Co-Head of Proprietary Trading, he was also Head Currency Trader at Societe Generale in Paris he also held an institutional account manager position at Millennium Fund in London.

He began his career at O’Connor & Associates as an Equity Trader.

David currently lives in Hong Kong with his wife and children and enjoys horse racing, cooking, and traveling. He is currently studying for a degree in computer science at the University of Pokfulam in Hong Kong.

James Williams  – Hong Kong (Platinum Account & Head Trader)

William is the Platinum Account Manager and Head Trader overseeing the whole currency fund.
He has a vast knowledge of the global financial industry having started as an equity trader at Bearer Sterns in London when he was 19, since then he has held various positions across Asia & The Middle East in a variety of asset classes.

He came to Noor FX from HTM Capital, Hong Kong as head of proprietary trading, before he left he was responsible for $350 Million AUM.

William has a passion for horses and horse racing and is currently the shareholder in 12 racehorses across Hong Kong, Canada, and Ireland.

Kyle Mathews – Hong Kong (Cryptocurrency, Account Head Trader)

Kyle is the latest addition to the Noor FX team after joining in 2016. Kyle brings 10+ years of financial and investment management experience in hedge funds, private equity and venture capital strategies in sectors including cryptocurrencies, biotechnology, real estate, and technology.

Kyle started his career as an auditor at Deloitte, one of the largest accounting organizations in the world before transitioning into the investment management space as Vice President of Erixth Capital Management. He holds a CPA license and a BS from the University of San Diego. Kyle is also a member of DCM’s ICO Investment Committee.

Looking for a highly motivated investment team that can consistently deliver above market returns? Click on the button below to get your information pack or contact us directly on (HK) +852 8193 1521

Our client services team are the custodians of our core principles of Transparency and Communication. As a provider of financial services, we don’t underestimate the importance of maintaining consistency on these aspects whether a client needs assistance at 1am in London on a Tuesday, or at 8am in Auckland on Christmas day, our team are here to help.

Raoul Baudin –
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Raoul is the co-founder of Noor FX and one of the most prominent and respected individuals in the industry.

Formerly a director of an international property services firm, in 2008 he completely shifted industries and capitalized on an opportunity to provide high quality and transparent services to institutional and retail investors seeking an opportunity in the international currency markets.

Nicholas Merton-Thomas –
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nicholas, also co-founder or Noor FX spearheads all technology development at the company, having also worked as an algorithmic trader and strategy developer since 2007. He was heavily involved in the creation of the remote trade copier,, arguably the most trusted and reliable currency trade copier in the industry.

Lloyd Gilbert –
Hong Kong

Lloyd looks after our global business development.

Daniella Kinsley
Daniella Kinsley – Cologne, Germany

Daniella is fluent in both German and English and is our resident designer /developer having joined the Noor FX team in September 2013. Daniella has worked in all aspects of the business and is our go-to-lady when complex problems need solving.

Alexandra Ferracuti – Milan, Italy

Alex is fluent in both Russian and English having joined Noor FX in November 2014 with the primary role of helping support clients through both email and live chat support.

Thomas Maripossa – Santiago, Chile

Arturo is fluent in both Spanish and English having joined Noor FX in February 2014. He assists the live chat and email support team throughout the US session.

Brandon Williams – Colorado, United States

Brandon joined Noor FX in April 2014 and is the principal server engineer responsible for maintaining 100% uptime on all our systems. The reliability of our technology is paramount considering the millions of dollars we have under management. Fortunately, Brandon is extremely diligent and professional, as a result, we’ve never had a significant outage.

Looking for a highly motivated investment team that can consistently deliver above market returns? Click on the button below to get your information pack or contact us directly on (HK) +852 8193 1521

Noor FX


UALQ Regulated

Our Managed Fund is regulated by the Dubai UALQ Investment Authority.


Segregated Client Funds

All client funds are held in trust under the clients name at one of Dubai largest international banks, RAK Bank.


We're Real People

We're real people. We have staff located in Dubai, Hong Kong and Malta who are available on the phone, email or live chat 16hrs per day. We support 13 different languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.


Complete Transparency

The performance of all our traders are tracked and monitored in real-time and all results are placed within your personalized online account.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have been a client of Noor FX for more than three years, and I am extremely impressed by their ability to deliver consistent returns year on year, Noor FX has become a solid foundation within my investment portfolio. As a result of the confidence and first-hand experience, I have with the team I have introduced many of my close friends and family to this investment opportunity, and now they are financially benefiting from this service as well.

Patrick L

These guys deliver on their product, and consistently produce results that you would expect from an investment, with the guarantee that if they don’t make you money, they don’t get paid. I challenge you to find another investment company in this industry circle who will offer you both the consistent gains and a “no gain no fee” payment scheme. The pressure is all on them to perform.

Emily Van D

I truly appreciate the excellent support from the Noor FX team. I joined the site in August 2016 and never looked back. I have seen consistent, stable growth in my investment portfolio over the last few years and my managed account has been a massive part of that. A Big Thank You!

Grace N.

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