Noor FX Bridge The Gap Between Institutional & Retail Investors

The aim of the Noor FX Currency Fund has always been to achieve risk mitigated returns by utilizing a unique, time-tested investment strategy enabling our clients to capitalize on the ability of our team of professional traders.

We have hundreds of retail clients who have invested millions of dollars with us, and the reason is straightforward, we offer consistent returns that have outperformed most other investment vehicles over the long term, plus we have aligned our interests with that of our clients by providing a no profit no fee commission structure.

All our accounts are 100% managed. Therefore no input is required from our clients; you deposit funds, we take care of the rest. 

Segregated Client Funds

As an extra layer of fund client security, we keep company and client funds completely separate.

Once funds are in your account, they are linked to our master account and only when the trader is ready to initiate a trade your funds are automatically connected to the traders master account, after the trade is terminated the funds are returned to your segregated account +/- any profit or losses.

At no point do we have the ability to access or transfer your funds without your permission.

The advantage of segregated accounts is that in the rare possibility of company insolvency, your funds would be 100% safe as they are being held in segregation and away from company funds.

Flexible Monthly Dividend Payments

Understanding clients financial and investment requirements often change throughout their investment period, is an essential part of managing a successful investment fund.

Choose How You Want Your Monthly Dividends Paid:

  • Directly to your bank account?

  • Directly to your Noor FX debit card?

  • Compounded & Reinvested?

Compounded Interest

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it. He who doesn’t. Pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Albert Einstein

In the finance world, compound interest is always offered to institutional investors but is very rarely available to retail investors.

We understand how privileged we are to be able to manage your funds for you and your family, therefore by offering our clients compounded interest its a way of saying thank you for your support.

Compound Interest its an option available to all of our clients and we encourage you to take full advantage of it as compounding your dividends will always give your portfolio a healthy boost.


How Does Compounded Interested Work?



Percentage Allocation Management Module (P.A.M.M)

Our bespoke currency trading software enables our traders the ability to control multiple client accounts via one master account.

Once a trader has identified a potential trade, clients funds are automatically moved from the segregated client accounts into the master account, pooled and the trade is initiated.

After the trade is has been closed profits or losses are then evenly allocated between sub-accounts based on the percentage equity of each account, ensuring each individual account is contributing its share to the trade.

Get Started With Just 4 Simple Steps

If You’re Ready to Get Started With Noor FX, The Process is Simple.



Complete and submit our easy, step-by-step application form.


Transfer Funds

Once your application is approved, transfer funds to your segregated account.


Online Account

Login to your bespoke online account for daily reports on how your investment is performing.


Flexible Investing

Increase or withdraw your investment at regular intervals.

Find out what a Managed Account can do for your investment portfolio?

Noor FX


UALQ Regulated

Our Managed Fund is regulated by the Dubai UALQ Investment Authority.


Segregated Client Funds

All client funds are held in trust under the clients name at one of Dubai largest international banks, RAK Bank.


We're Real People

We're real people. We have staff located in Dubai, Hong Kong and Malta who are available on the phone, email or live chat 16hrs per day. We support 13 different languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.


Complete Transparency

The performance of all our traders are tracked and monitored in real-time and all results are placed within your personalized online account.

Read What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have been a client of Noor FX for more than three years, and I am extremely impressed by their ability to deliver consistent returns year on year, Noor FX has become a solid foundation within my investment portfolio. As a result of the confidence and first-hand experience, I have with the team I have introduced many of my close friends and family to this investment opportunity, and now they are financially benefiting from this service as well.

Patrick L

These guys deliver on their product, and consistently produce results that you would expect from an investment, with the guarantee that if they don’t make you money, they don’t get paid. I challenge you to find another investment company in this industry circle who will offer you both the consistent gains and a “no gain no fee” payment scheme. The pressure is all on them to perform.

Emily Van D

I truly appreciate the excellent support from the Noor FX team. I joined the site in August 2016 and never looked back. I have seen consistent, stable growth in my investment portfolio over the last few years and my managed account has been a massive part of that. A Big Thank You!

Grace N.

Find out what a Managed Account can do for your investment portfolio?


Weekly Performance Update

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