How are you able to operate without charging management fees?


Our goal is to transform the fund management arena by aligning our incentives with those of our clients. We do this in a number of ways.

1. We keep our recurring overheads low. Our support and administration staff are also located around the world to save on operation costs.

2. We preserve company capital. During positive months we stockpile a portion of the fees collected to ensure we have working capital during poorer performing months.

3. We believe performance is paramount. Therefore we only employ traders that have proven the ability to consistently make money through a careful, consistent approach to the market.


How are performance fees calculated?


We charge a performance fee only on profits we make you using the high-watermark method.

The high-watermark is calculated from the highest Net Asset Value (NAV) after performance fees, and the NAV is calculated on the value of the account at the end of each month.


Date1st of Jan1st of Feb1st of Mar1st of Apr
Net Asset Value (NAV)$100,000$110,000$105,000$117,000
Profit (loss)$10,000-$2,000$12,000
Performance Fee$2,000$2,000
NAV After Performance Fee$100,000$108,000$105,000$114,000
High-Water Mark$100,000$107,000$107,000$114,000


The above example assumed an initial investment of $100,000 and a return of 10% for the month, the client’s investment has now grown to $110,000. We automatically deduct our performance fee of 20% ($2000), leaving a high-water mark going into the new month of $108,000.

In the second month, there is a net loss of $2,000, so no performance fee is payable, and the high-water mark remains at $108,000 (as this was the highest previous level when the performance fee was last applied).

The third month, returns to profitability, generating $5,000 and the balance of the account grows to $113,000. As the previous high-water mark was $108,000, the performance fee is only charged on the profit above this High-Water Mark, e.g. 20% of $5,000 instead of 20% of $13,000.

The crucial thing to remember is “If you…. make money, we …. make money.”


How can I monitor the progress of my investment?

  • Via Online Account.

Client’s have access to a state-of-the-art account area, where you can monitor the performance of your account either daily/weekly or monthly, communicate directly with your account manager and admin team, edit your personal details, view profit/loss statements, request deposits/withdrawals and view historic positions plus the percentage of winning and losing trades per session.

  • Daily Email

You receive a daily email detailing the specifics on the trading activity that occurred on your account over the previous 24hrs. This email is sent each day once your trade has been closed.

  • Via SMS

On request, we will send you a shortened version of a daily email trade update via SMS.


Can I withdraw my funds at any time?

There is a minimum hold period of 12 months on all accounts (excluding Trial). Once this has elapsed, you can withdraw up to $10,000 at any time through the client control panel. More substantial withdrawals you require verbal approval from our risk assessment team to ensure it is, in fact, yourself that has requested the withdrawal. This process can take up to 24hrs.


What happens if you go bankrupt, is my money safe?

All retail client funds are held in fully segregated client accounts, Noor has a limited power of attorney to trade against the funds held on deposit, with power to deduct or increase client account funds per close of trade. Noor FX cannot withdraw or mix client funds with company assets for the purpose of regulation and client protection. This ensures our goals are in-line with yours whilst offering the highest level of investor protection and confidence in asset protection, all accounts are covered by industry-standard protection and deposit protection.


What is the minimum investment?

Clients can invest in USD/GBP/EUR/CHF/AUD/JPY plus a handful of Digital Currencies.  The minimum investment is the equivalent of $10,000 USD, with a retail limit of $500,000 USD.


Do I need experience in currency trading to open an account?

None whatsoever, our accounts are fully managed therefore the only input required from yourself is logging into your account and monitoring the performance of your investment, but we always encourage our clients to learn the basics of the currency markets.


Do we offer leverage & margin trading?

Leverage & Margin trading is only available to institutional and professional clients.


Do I have to pay taxes on my profits?

Noor FX is an offshore entity. Therefore, you will not be required to pay tax on any of your profits. But we do advise clients to speak with a tax adviser when you decide to bring your funds back to your country.


Can we guarantee profits?

The simple answer is NO; there are no guarantees within the financial markets even though we limit losses via an inbuilt stop-loss there is no way of ensuring a profit.


Do you have any more questions?

Contact Us via live chat, email or telephone, our team will be more than happy to answer your questions.


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